Here are a few questions I get asked a lot about weddings. Again, feel free to contact me about any questions you might have about wedding photography (even if you already see it on this list!).

How many hours of coverage will I need?

This is a tricky question. The best way to decide how many hours of coverage you will need is to start thinking about what you really want photographs of. Would you like pictures of people getting ready before the wedding? Or is the ceremony it self the most important part for you? What about once the reception gets going? Do you anticipate people dancing the night away or will everyone be gone right after dinner? My packages start at four hours of coverage. I usually arrive an hour before the wedding to photograph the bride getting ready and the guests congregating. Then around half an hour for the ceremony followed by another two and a half hours of reception coverage. For some people, this is plenty. For others, that wouldn’t be nearly enough. I’ve been up at 4:00 AM photographing a bride getting her hair done before her sunrise wedding (6:17 AM that day!). But the guests didn’t leave til about 10:00 AM, which meant she needed my services for 6 hours. Keep in mind that I count hours from when I arrive to when I leave, even if things get a bit delayed.

What about if something happens and we need you for more hours on the day of the wedding than we’d originally booked you for?

Extra hours on the day of the wedding are $200 an hour. Extra hours booked in advance are $150 an hour.

What about elopements and smaller weddings?

If my packages are more than what you require, I am available on an hourly basis. You can add any of my additional services to design your own special wedding package and get exactly what you need.

Do you do engagement portraits?

Sure do! And as a special bonus, if you book your wedding through me, the sitting fee drops from $95 to $75. That price includes a special black and white digital copy of the image of your choice, perfect for sending to your hometown newspaper!

So how do I find out if you are available on the day I’m getting married?

You can send me an email through the contact me portion of this website.

And if you are available and I think I want to hire you? What then?

Well, after that, most people would like to meet me (if they haven’t already). We set up a time to meet in person (I’m a big fan of places that serve tea and coffee) or we can just talk on the phone. Generally the meeting (or conversation) will run about half an hour to an hour. We’ll go over everything you can expect from me and what you can expect in return. We’ll talk about how you see your wedding day unfolding and where you’d like me to fit into your plans. And at the end of all that, you can decide if you’d like to hire me.

And if I decide to hire you? Then what?

Then I ask that you give me a $200 non-refundable deposit to hold the day. That means that if you for what ever reason (heaven forbid) have to cancel the wedding, I get to keep the $200 deposit. However, if the day goes as planned, the $200 will be credited towards the balance of the account. We’ll also sign and agreement that states what you are paying me for and when services are to be rendered. You’ll pay me the balance due on the day of the wedding, and generally right when I arrive (there is less forgetting that way!).

What about Thank You cards or Wedding Announcements? Can you help me with those?

Yes, I can! I offer several styles of cards for you to choose from. I’ll even design one special just for you! If you want to have them done before the wedding, we can use one of your engagement photographs as part of the card or we can wait and use one of the photographs from the wedding itself on the cards. There is more information on this page here.

Do you ever work with an assistant?

At the moment, no. It’s just me.

That’s too bad. Would you like an assistant?

I’d love an assistant. I’d also love a million dollars and for Maine winters to be about a month shorter. Alas, I’m probably not going to get any of those things any time soon.