A word about clothing...

Remember, the person should be the center of attention, not their outfit!

Here are a few basic suggestions for what to wear to your photo shoot:

  • Solid colors are an excellent choice! Denim, khaki, black, white and jewel tones are classics and always work well.
  • Avoid neon or florescent colors.
  • Avoid big patterns (see example at right), cartoon characters and writing (especially on small children!)
  • Keep jewelry to a minimum.
  • For children under 8 months, no overalls! (they have this awful tendency to bunch up around kid’s chins and hide their lovely little faces).
  • For High School seniors, feel free to bring an additional outfit or two.
  • For family portraits, consistency and simplicity are key. Go for similar looks in similar colors without actually picking matching items. And be careful of clashing patterns!

In the warm months, when shooting kids outside, I tend to have them take off their shoes. It relaxes them and it usually looks better in the pictures. The same it true for family portraits on the beach. All other times, it is a good idea to think about what shoes you are going to wear with your outfit! Because most likely they will show in the photo!

If you have any other questions about what to wear or the suitability of something specific, feel free to contact me directly or just bring it with you to the photo shoot! It’s always better to have choices than to be stuck with clothing (and photos!) you aren’t happy with.