About the Photographer:

When I was 7, my grandfather gave me his old point-and-shoot camera. I brought it to school with me (I was in first grade) and made all my classmates and my teacher huddle together at recess one day so I could take their picture. And that was it. I was hooked. I've never stopped taking photographs, eventually getting a BA in Visual Art from Brown University, and now working as a professional photographer. Along the way, I've worked in every corner of the industry (and a few other industries as well!) and found my true passion lies in photographing people.

Jess LeClair Photography was officially created in the summer of 2007. I work entirely on location and have traveled all over Maine and New England for work. My style is very relaxed and photojournalistic. I find genuine emotion more important than the most perfect composition. My goal is to record, not force or stage events. If you forget I'm there, I've done my job! What it all comes down to in the end is I love what I do. I love capturing the moment a toddler figures out that one foot in front of the other equals walking. I love watching a new husband and wife take the first steps of their life together. I love seeing the budding adult in the high school senior. To be allowed into other peoples lives to capture these moments on film is perhaps the best honor I could ever receive.

Thanks for your interest in Jess LeClair Photography. If you have any questions or would just like to chat with me about the weather, feel free to call or email me (more info on the Contact page)!